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The only workgoats I have now are me and a bunch of Jeep parts

This site has dropped the information about goats since I don't raise goats any more.  It is doubtful if they will return.

I will be dedicating the site to document the building of a Jeep for a daily driver, a 1988 Jeep YJ.  The picture on the right is the way it looked when I brought it home.

By the time I'm finished I fear there won't be a lot of the 88 Jeep left.  It will contain parts from a number of Jeeps.

Click on any of my pages in the menu to the left. If you find information that needs to be corrected or have a goat question, please feel free to contact me at: workgoats@gmail.com

Site Updates

The latest additions will cover the building of the Jeep.  One Jeep I bought became almost impossibe to get a title.  It has become a parts vehicle. 

I bought the 88 Wrangler from a repair shop in Houston.  The Jeep had very little rust and enough extra wiring to build a couple of Jeeps.  The current plan is to use the 88 tub (body) on a 93 frame.  I planed to use the 93 fuel injected 4.0 engine, 4 speed automatic and transfer case from a 94 Grand Cherokee.  The transmission turned out to be the wrong type and I didn't have enough computer to run it, therefore, I went back to the AX15 standard transmision.  The front axle is from a 87 Jeep YJ and I ended up using the rear axle out of the 88.  I ended up using 354 gears and I am running 31 inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires.

 I drove the 88 Wrangler while I worked on the frame to be used in the final version.

Why does if have square headlights?

There's a lot of history involved in the development of the Jeep, used first in WW2.  I drove one of the first non military Jeeps all through high school, more years back than we will mention other than, it was in the early 60s.  That Jeep was a 1946 Jeep CJ2A.  My daughter's first car was a 79 Jeep CJ7. 

In the mid 80s Jeep dropped the CJ line of vehicles due to a number of reasons. They wanted a new look.  The next Jeep to replace the CJ7 was designated the YJ.  The YJ had a wider stance, wider springs and some useless control bars that would supposedly keep the axles in place.  It had rectangular headlights, apparently to provide a new look.

The YJ was the last Jeep to have the old school leaf springs on all four corners.  It was discontinued in 1995 and replaced in 1997 and later with Wranglers running on coil springs.  The jeeps after the YJ have gone back to round headlights.


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I work at TDI-Brooks International and personal calls are possible but not always ideal.  So, if you want to contact me, try the address below.  I do get e-mail delivered to my phone and I will get back with you as soon as possible.