Here's info on RAM JAM, a function of RamchargerCentral.Com

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Although I'm not currently active in this group, here's some info...

The forum is open to anyone.  Not all members drive Dodge trucks.  We do tend to be Mopar related but if we can help with anything we will do our best.

Many of the members are in Texas but we have members from all over.

I made my first Ram Jam in 2009.  There are links below to a couple of the functions, 2008 and 2009.


Ram Jams

Ram Jam is a function of RamchargerCentral.Com.  Most of the members are also part of that group too.  We have been instrumental in Ram Jam 2012 and 2013, which were both held at Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

Ram Jams have been held in a number of places, Shiloh Ridge in Texas, Moab in Utah, Disney in Oklahoma have been a few.  Ram Jam 2014 will be planned by members of RCC and will most likely be somewhere other than Texas.

Depending upon location, contests, awards and prizes are often awarded.  There is usually sufficient tools and knowledge to keep trucks running for most of the trip.

Ram Jam usually has some certificates or awards for such things as ugliest truck, longest drive, tallest truck, most broke down and whatever else we can cook up.  We will also award some sort of recognition to those who win any contests that we can run. Events were not possible in 2013 due to other functions at the park that included several hundred Jeeps.

Click on the photo below for a short video from Ram Jam 2008.

Ram Jams at Hidden Falls Adventure Park

The park is just a few miles out of Marble Falls, Texas in the Texas hill country.  There are miles and miles of trails from easy to apparently impossible.  There are lots of rocks and hills.  The park has camping from primitive to RV rentals, 4 wheeler rentals, a gun range and its own security force.  See the page for favorite links to go directly to their website.

There is also a page included that shows pictures and short videos from previous trips to Hidden Falls.

The nearby town of Marble Falls has just about anything needed, including several parts stores, restaurants, grocery stores and motels.  

We had about 20 trucks show up throughout the weekend in 2012 and 10 trucks in 2013.  

We have had sufficient tools to repair just about anything.  Brakes, driveshafts, axles and springs are only a few of the repairs we made iat those two Ram Jams.

Events and awards

Events and awards vary and facilities will make a big difference.


Below is a video from RJ 2009.  This is at Shiloh Ridge, Alto, Texas.  I'm partial to the video you will see if you click on the picture below.  It's my truck in the 2009 Ram Jam and this truck no longer exists, replaced by a home made Jeep (sorta).